Information on the Survey

Survey methodology

The nature of the survey, i.e. the collection of data and its subsequent analysis and description, was of the Applied Statistics discipline. The situation may be specifically described as below. The following parameters were applied to the survey:

  • Time: Collection of data – 16 days
  • Location: The survey was conducted in the Czech Republic
  • Target area: The survey focused on the Internet, websites, and using a website browser

The survey worked with a sample group, which is not quite a representative sample of the Internet population of the Czech Republic. Prior to the start, we had prepared hypotheses on the interesting characteristics in user behaviour.

The method itself was that of a quantitative survey using an online questionnaire which contained the following:

  • Typical polar fact-retrieval questions
  • Test-form questions
  • Experiments

Sample composition

As the survey was conducted using an online questionnaire, a large number of inhabitants from the entire Czech Republic could participate in the fact-retrieval procedure. It is clear that the whole Internet population of the Czech Republic could not take part in the survey. As such, the induction statistics approach was selected, as it employs two parameters in particular:

  • Basic sample – the “population” (in this case, this represents the quantity of all Internet users in the Czech Republic)
  • Selection from the sample (the group of respondents who filled the questionnaire), the size of which is negligible in comparison to the basic sample (5% at the most) and which represents, at the given accuracy rates, the views and attitudes of the basic sample population

One of the characteristic features of induction statistics is the ability to generalize the findings made in the selection from the sample (the number of respondents who have filled the questionnaire) to the whole of the basic sample (the entire Internet population of the Czech Republic). An appropriate method of selection from the basic sample is required to achieve the above.

The selected data collection method was a combination of simple randomisation and snowball sampling.

Simple randomisation

The simple randomisation method allowed selection of the pool of users of several servers operated by Internet Info, s.r.o. The servers were

Snowball sampling

This selection method provided respondents from:

  • the Dobrý web profile on Facebook
  • the Dobrý web profile on Twitter
  • from the tester database (owned by Dobrý web, s.r.o.) for user testing
  • and from e-mail correspondence

Limitation of representativeness

In spite of the targeted advertisement of the questionnaire via several information channels, there exists a limit to how representative it is. It is primarily based on the form of questionnaire advertisement, which did not approached all members of the Internet population of the Czech Republic, or did not approached them to a sufficient degree.

Respondent characteristics

Total of participating respondents: 2964

Characteristics of respondent demographic